The Rossiter Academy

Rossiter Academy was situated next to Rossiter House in East Street.  In the photo, taken in 2001, Rossiter House is the red brick building and the school was in the lower building to the right.

The following letter from a pupil was kindly contributed by Peter Caddy - he writes:

I have a letter written by my great great grandfather John Turner Caddy who
was 10 years old at the time. It was written in 1832 from a Southmolton
private school of 57 boys to his mother. Below is the contents.
Peter Caddy


Southmolton, November 29th 1832.

My dear Mamma

It is my pleasing task to inform you how very soon our Vacation commences,
on the 12th of the next month; when I trust we shall again meet. Mr Mallet,
whom I saw a few days ago, told me that you were all quite well. I have been
examined in all that I have learned this half year, namely, Geography,
English and Latin Grammar, arithmetic, History, &c, and have been passed as
correct. I am getting on rapidly I think with my Latin, and construe
difficult books.

There are fifty seven boys in the school, And I am only seven from the head
in Writing. I have a lrge Copy-book to show you when I come home, and I
flatter myself you will think it very neatly finished.

I should like to go home by the same conveyance as I came, as there are some
of my school fellows, who can accompany me. Please to give my kind love to
Papa, Aunt Sisters, and Brother, and accept the same yourself.

I remain,
Your affectionate Son,
John T Caddy.

Mr and Mrs Rossiter desire very kind regards.

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