The Primative Methodist Chapel

The Primitive Methodists were a splinter group of mainstream Methodism and were established in 1811. Like the Bible Christians they had women evangelists and became incorporated into the Methodist Church of Great Britain in 1932.

The Primitive Methodists built their Chapel at South Molton in the late 1880s with seating for about 150-200 people. It was not open for long and was sold to Miss Lyddon who converted it into a undenominational Mission Hall.

By 1914 the Chapel had been demolished and a double fronted house built on the site (No. 41A East Street). Mr. William Sanders rented this house to the South Molton Nursing Association during 1914-15 when it was used as a nursing home/cottage hospital.

The Primitive Methodist Chapel/Mission Hall East Street, South Molton

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Researched and written by Shirley Bray

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