First the good news

Referring to the title:  "Is the North Devon Council trying to poison us?"  There is some correspondence from the Leader of the North Devon District Council, Cllr. Brian Greenslade, (Lib Dem/Indepentant when it suits) representing the Ward "Barnstaple (Pilton)".  This concerns the council's knowingly dumping of hazardous waste (compact fluororescent lamps) in landfill and then trying to cover it up.

A letter from Cllr. Greenslade shows that he concurs with the advice given by Ann Riley, (Team Leader Environment Management (Waste Audit and Compliance) thus;- 

Although Cllr Greenslade knows full well that the council is knowingly channelling hazardous waste containing mercury to landfill he ends his letter by telling me  "I do not believe I can do anything else to assist you".  What about stopping this irresponsible practice Cllr. Greenslade?

Cllr. Greenslades letter may be read here  So it would appear that hazardous waste, in the area covered by the North Devon District Council may, according to Cllr. Greenslade, be disposed of in the black bin collection.  Cllr. Worden (Lib Dem) of South Molton has stated that he is in agreement with Cllr. Greenslade (Lib-Dem/ Independant when it suits).

And now the bad news

A low energy lamp/ compact fluorescent lamp/ CFL = hazardous waste.

There is of course a problem here - this concerns the mercury which is contained in compact fluororescent lamps.  A website lists the potential unwelcome effects on us, our children and our grandchidren.  Read the bad news here.

Comments are invited from Cllrs. Greenslade and Worden.

But perhaps the most revealing and shocking part of this business is the total lack of concern the Council has for the dustmen as when the CFLs go into the cart and are crushed they release an invisible cloud of mercury vapour which can enter the bloodstream and the brain.  Dustmen beware!

Mercury is a highly effective nerve poison!

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