Eastleigh House

This is an image of Eastleigh House as it was before it became a care home.  The then owners, Mr and Mrs Couch. took in students from all over the world and one of them has contacted this site.  We will let him tell us, in his own words, about Eastleigh House.

Stockholm, Sweden 10/1 2014

Ref.: Eastleigh Care Home (and before that, Eastleigh Hotel).

To the owner of this website,

I was looking for Eastleigh Hotel in South Molton, and came by Eastleigh Care Home, situated in the same building.
Eastleigh Hotel was administered and owned by Mr and Mrs Coach, when I was staying with them in the late 50-ties, as an English student. I did return and met them again in 1970. Mr Coach was working with the HSBC Bank at the main Square, at the time.
Mr Coach was also a much proud owner of an old 4 door 1936 Riley Sprite, in a well maintained condition. This since I think you did have a link to a car club on your site. He sold it just weeks before my arrival in 1970, and purchased a new Jaguar XJ 6.

Since you are administering a site about South Molton, my I then kindly suggest you publish some about Eastleigh Hotel and the Coach family, who were taking in students from foreign countries, and by this making South Molton well known over the world. This is long before it became this Care Home, and as to my understanding, gives a wider interest of this community for other people who stayed there during their summer holidays, coming from all over Central Europe and these far away places as the Far East or the Scandinavian countries.

I do not know how many Pubs you got today in South Molton, but I think they were about 35-38 at the time I was staying there, Also some worthwhile to present a story about (present each and one of them - if possible), since it is so closely connected with the British way of life, and since it is changing, a memorabilia of past times by itself. 
There was a small Pub just opposite the street of Eastleigh Hotel. 

I further on noted that this lampost I bumped my head into in 1958, is still standing on the East Road right traffic side, just before entering the main Square. This since this much nice looking girl being in her room window at the second floor, I was looking at, instead of where I was going. She found this event much amusing, observing it all from above. And memorable for me to look where you are going in the future. I hope she is alive and well, and might be able to read this after all these 56 years with a nice memory of this event - if she still can remember it. Well, you do funny things when you are young. If it is not worse than looking at nice looking girls, then it might be excused.

My best to all of you

You may publish my name, but not my email address, please. Thank you.

Best regards
H von Bortzell-Szuch

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