There are a number of images on this site that are in the public domain   which means they are out of copyright. Rather than copy the image if you ask nicely (e-mail below) I will send you a better quality image file as all the images on this website are optimised and will break up if you try to enlarge them.

I will also let you have an image file of any of my copyright images published on this website or held on file elsewhere.  Enquiries are welcome.

There is no charge for any of these image files as long as they are for personal use and will not be published or used commercially..

However, use of any of my copyright images without my written permission in any publication including but not limited to web sites (including social media sites such as facebook), books, newspapers, leaflets, flyers, notices, and exhibitions will incur an exceptional fee of 50 for each image copied, reproduced, published or exhibited.

Use of any of my copyright images without my written permission will be regarded as acceptance of the above charges and an invoice will be submitted.

Failure to settle an outstanding invoice within a reasonable time will result in a Money Claim for the outstanding amount through the Court Service.

In addition to the above charges I reserve the right to take any other action I consider appropriate. Note that payment of a fee does not permit unauthorised future use of any image, for instance, in reprints or subsequent editions of a publication!

Gordon Bray

Post Script: To those who are not conversant with intellectual property and copyright  follow this link for information.


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